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Easy maintenance. Sweetness for a long time.

We put all our heart into the selection of materials that make up your CocoonDream set. Thus, its maintenance is as easy as a standard set. Machine wash at 90°F like the rest of your laundry and indefinitely prolong the softness of your nights.


Choose your size

Model Mattress Size (ft) Cover Size (ft)
Twin 4'7" * 6'8" 6'8" * 6'8"
Queen 5'3" * 6'8" 6'8" * 7'8"
King 6'8" * 6'8" 7'3" * 7'11"


Content of the Set

Cocoon Dream includes:

  • 1* Plush Duvet Cover
  • 1* Velvet Sheet
  • 2* Pillow Cover
  • 1* Heart Shaped Cushion


So Soft. So Mellow. So Cocoon

Once your days are over, do you dream of slipping under a very soft and warm duvet? You are right. Knowing that it is cold outside and that we are warm in our bed, our head buried in our soft cotton pillow ... It's just perfect. With CocoonDream no longer sleep in a simple bed set but spend your nights in the clouds.

When your bed becomes a
GIANT Teddy Bear!

Designed in a set of materials known to be soft, warm and easy to maintain such as cotton, CocoonDream has set the bar very high. You are probably familiar with the incredibly soft blankets you slip into on Sunday afternoons in front of a good Netflix® series. Now imagine that you can extend this pleasure into your bed… Mmmmhh… A real bed set with the duvet and the ears even more pleasant to the touch than the softest of plaids. With its long silky hairs, it's like spending the night in the arms of a giant teddy bear. Something to fall back into childhood and sleep like a baby.